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This arrow God is a hundred million points strong

This arrow God is a hundred million points strong

This arrow God is a hundred million points strong

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    This arrow God is a hundred million points strong
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    Qishi Book
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2022-05-27 10:01:50
Through the parallel world Lin Luo found that all the famous anchors, great gods of professional circles and major game clubs in his previous life were all in a virtual holographic online game of new world swords, apostles, gods, epics... heroes, athletics, professional leagues, the soul of the battlefield... among the eight main cities of this game, there are all kinds of well-known game leaders in previous generations in the hero city of new world, Uzi is in its prime and seven sauce swords are never old. The new competitions of major clubs push forward the waves of the next generation in the underground city of new world, the big monkey, Ferrari crash, strong banknote ability and headless alien tortoise, 19 = 1 is just one of you in the night city of the new world, Johnny the silver hand compared his middle finger to you. You appeared in the colorful night, waiting for you were volunteers, guns, bullets and big birds around the bar... Lin Luo came to this style of jumping parallel world and started with SSS talent of absolute hit "the first arrow of national service?" many years later, Lin Luo shook his index finger in the face of a reporter's interview: "set a small goal first, for example, be the first arrow in the world." Introduction: this book is partial to team and data flow. It is absolutely guaranteed to be updated and tasted at ease.

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