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Return to Singapore 1995

Return to Singapore 1995

Return to Singapore 1995

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    Return to Singapore 1995
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    Salted mud snail
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    52weixin Books
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Li Xiaofan, a white-collar worker in Mordor, was reborn after a hangover. He returned to Singapore in 1995 and returned to his working years in a multinational electronics factory in the summer of that year, Win95 was about to be released. At this time, Yahoo's Yang Zhiyuan was still looking for angel investment. Netscape and ASML asmai had not yet been listed. Pony horse was still watering on the BBS station. The nv2 of leather swordsman was despised by Sega, and the silicon Valley Business Incubator had just appeared... Li Xiaofan was a little excited. In the future, he can use lion city as a bridgehead, Go to Silicon Valley to create an offshore incubator and create an earth shaking career relying on the mainland rear PS: the 200000 words in front of the shelves are a little more, describing the local customs and romance of Singapore after being put on the shelves, the main line focuses on business and investment, hard technology, and the pace is accelerated