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The advent of the Cambrian

The advent of the Cambrian

The advent of the Cambrian

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    The advent of the Cambrian
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    Fate Koi
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    Passion Novel
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2021-12-02 00:40:59
The global drought suddenly comes, the earth is dry, the sea is dry, and the ground is human purgatory. Human beings are forced to enter the underground to survive. Energy awakeners, mutated animals and alien civilizations appear one after another... What's wrong with extraterrestrial civilizations? Why did the human race fear foreign powers the earth is full of haoerlang, leveling the galaxy and the universe even if you die in battle, you have no regrets. Protect your dreams and hopes even if all gods and Demons attack, only my Terran will never die the earth Terran technology exploded, and the mecha torrent combined with the array broke the blockade of Civilizations at all levels of the universe the protagonist Zhang Xiaoming awakens the mutated spiritual power, which can devour the spiritual power of any dead creature doomsday + brain hole + mecha + array + blood + exploring mysteries + interstellar civilization each of us has a dream and wants to leave something in this short life. What I want to leave is a science fiction dream. Science fiction dream sets sail

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