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Datang: Prince salted fish, was overheard by Li Er

Datang: Prince salted fish, was overheard by Li Er

Datang: Prince salted fish, was overheard by Li Er

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    Datang: Prince salted fish, was overheard by Li Er
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    Yu Ye thousands of miles
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    Vchale Novel
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Through the Tang Dynasty, Li Ke became the third son of Li Er one day, Li Ke woke up to the system. The system told him that he could get a reward if he didn't do anything. What's more, as long as he sent Li Er away, he could be ranked in the immortal class in twenty-one years, change to another immortal position this wave is not a loss, but a steady profit "Ke'er, what will happen if I use troops against Turks in the Tang Dynasty?" [Li Er, are you kidding? Now there is a heavy snow in northern Turks, you send troops there, not a big defeat!] Li Er: "Ke'er, Hedong road is in a severe drought. Now there are many victims everywhere. How to deal with them?" [Li Er, I'll tell you, can the potatoes planted in my backyard yield thousands of kilograms per mu?] "Ke'er, I think the vegetables in your backyard are very good. Come on, dig them all away!" Li Ke: many years later, Li Ke found that the Tang Dynasty was becoming stronger and stronger, and Li Er was rejuvenated in his second spring and became extremely young... Li Ke: No, it shouldn't be like this according to the historical script. How do I feel that the immortal position is getting farther and farther away from me one day, Li Er: Ke'er, I think you look like a great emperor! The throne will give way to you Li Ke:??? I don't want it note: imagine the Tang Dynasty, overhead history! (adults, please read this book with minors!)

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