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The double messenger of Conan world

The double messenger of Conan world

The double messenger of Conan world

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    The double messenger of Conan world
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    Laoshan kuolao
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    Only Novel
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2022-01-14 09:04:01
Guan Dounan crosses Conan's world and unexpectedly finds that he has a double and becomes a double messenger. However, this stand as like as two peas? Br > the so-called double messenger will attract each other. Conan is the double Messenger, Xiao AI is the double Messenger, Kidd is the double Messenger, Xiao Lan... Oh, she doesn't have a double, but she has double a in strength and speed in addition, there are many double messengers who choose to embark on the path of crime. It's time to count their sins (original doubles, mainly based on Conan's world view, and the characters in JOJO may play guest roles occasionally) (based on the original case, magic reform is not limited to simple doubles ability, but also supernatural, demon and super ability elements. In short, it is metaphysics in the end) (the author's studies are busy and the update is sometimes unstable, please understand) (slow down, although it sounds strange to say this, it's mainly foreshadowing in the early stage, so it looks a little dull)

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