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I want to be a Sword Fairy

I want to be a Sword Fairy

I want to be a Sword Fairy

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    I want to be a Sword Fairy
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    The fifth vicissitudes
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    18ws Read
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2021-11-25 14:07:11
In the world of cultivating immortals, after the amazing war in ancient times, gradually, the practitioners found that the first step of cultivating immortals was to introduce the heaven and earth aura into the body and refine it into the Dantian. After the refined aura entered the Dantian, they don't know where to go... Now, after a long time, the world of cultivating immortals has ushered in a peak and brilliant tide of cultivating immortals again, Not inferior to any peak and magnificent prosperous era in history, it has even reached an unprecedented grand occasion, the road of cultivating immortals and the battle of Avenue. There are thousands of Taoism and magic powers. Array, weapon refining, Elixir refining, talisman making, sword guarding, earth hiding, thunder guiding... Three thousand methods blend and collide in this magnificent age of cultivating immortals... However, under the glory, there are also... The story starts from a place called thin family village. From one night here, the night is as quiet as before, but

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