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Humble merchant saint

Humble merchant saint

Humble merchant saint

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    Humble merchant saint
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    LXS Leng Xiaosu
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    Free Novel
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Xiao Zhang, a graduate from the Department of Applied Chemistry, accidentally crossed to another time and space in the state of Daliang and became a loser who went to Beijing for the exam but failed because he was not familiar with ancient Chinese starting from a junior apprentice in a brothel kitchen with the experience of a senior eater relying on the knowledge and knowledge from thousands of years later, eating with spicy hot, condiments, cans and other foods, and various business strategies and techniques leading the times, we finally become the richest businessman in Daliang country step by step at the same time, due to his biological father, Xiao Zhang was forced to join the zhaolie hall and was dragged into the struggle between the court and the state with excellent courage and foresight, it surpasses ordinary people's wisdom and knowledge in the end, Xiao Zhang helped Dingwang seize the throne and wipe out the world, forcing all parties to come to the dynasty, but chose to retire to the mountains and forests and go to the so-called cultivation of immortality and enlightenment.

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