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Infinity: start from the top war

Infinity: start from the top war

Infinity: start from the top war

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9240 ratings
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    Infinity: start from the top war
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    Detective Poirot
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    Light Novel
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2021-12-03 05:53:28
literary Edition: he once witnessed the tragic moment in the top war he once witnessed the re alliance between humans and elves in ravendale valley he once picked up the frozen snow on the ice throne and scattered it in the cold wind he once walked on the flaming road paved by the fire of Tianye in Bowang slope he once thought about the true meaning of life in a quiet town with white ashes falling he is hated by many people, but more people call him a hero he shuttles through fantasy in a low-key way and walks in time and space, leaving behind legends popular version: the story of a reincarnator who obtains the ability to burn fruit, breaking through all the plot worlds PS: unlimited flow. The plot world includes pirate king, baokemeng, Hogwarts, the Lord of the rings, silent hill, etc

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