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Be the richest man in 1998

Be the richest man in 1998

Be the richest man in 1998

Rating: 9 / 10 from 750 ratings
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    Be the richest man in 1998
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    Xi lengluotang
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    Wine Novel
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2021-11-25 03:42:32
Lin Yu, the social elite, was unexpectedly reborn in 1998 in this turbulent era, he has missed countless people and things and has never been proud this time, God gave him a chance. He returned to the past with the knowledge of the new era. He vowed that he must hold all the things he had expected and could not reach in his hand since then, behind the entertainment circle, real estate, the Internet... Many fields, there has been a shadow of a mysterious man, and his story began to spread around the world!