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Original God: I m really not a God

Original God: I m really not a God

Original God: I m really not a God

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    Original God: I m really not a God
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    Long Novel
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2021-12-02 10:42:28
(book friends group 779137790, did is the only true group, don't be cheated! the poet sings in response to the ancient story. The gods live on earth for several years in this world, demons and gods come together. I have no intention of chasing deer, and I also know the suffering of ordinary people... well, then I just send a few weapons that have taken me 30 years to be single. (who has a walnut is not a wolf?) I just try my best to protect the people from living and working in peace and contentment in the demon God war. (after all, I am fraternal and good at governing the country) I just taught some martial arts moves that everyone knows. (after all, everyone will upgrade their talent) just collected some messy materials. (who doesn't skew a few soul box wolf hairs?) I, a traveler in tiwat seven elements (all players have) well aware of the rise and fall of all things (who doesn't play the game look at Tivat's story?) so what are you doing around here I'm really not a god!

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