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Demon hunter s nightmare carriage

Demon hunter s nightmare carriage

Demon hunter s nightmare carriage

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    Demon hunter s nightmare carriage
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    To the side
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    Daily Novel
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My name is Sigmund. This is the 27th and first day after I crossed snowstorm, villa 27 days is only the same day of reincarnation cold, hunger, and a faint roar in the wind and snow in 27 days, I was bitten off 11 arms and broke 3 legs don't be surprised, I buried seven myself until the 28th day, a dark ghost carriage broke the cycle of time and appeared in front of me in the diffuse wind and snow when the door opens, the ancient sheepskin roll slowly stretches the golden finger of the alien world, or a novice reward for signing in for 28 days between the top and the bottom, Sigmund was lost in thought...... through the fog and void, Sigmund gets a reward and becomes stronger every time the carriage arrives, but even so, he still stubbornly believes that the car... Is not decent only that day, the carriage brought him two silver haired women, one big and one small "my name is Shirley and I'm from kelmohan." "my name is Maria and I'm from the star clock tower." are you pulling a cart or a horse? I'm kidding! I'm serious. What can I do hehe... ... you can kill the demon hunter and his cabin at any time after finishing this boutique.

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