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Fork cell

Fork cell

Fork cell

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    Fork cell
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    A dog cuts the moon
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    Mountain Book
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2021-11-27 17:28:41
For revenge from thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years ago, mankind can only rely on the understanding of Fengmao water chestnut in the Archaic period and the fledgling technology. With the efforts of a group of pioneers, the restarted giant mecha and the gradually developed superhuman have become the only chips that human beings can fight for the future; For these cards, people call them TG mecha and superhuman warriors Tyrannosaurus Rex? Carnotaurus? Tyrannosaurus Rex? The giant beast in the dinosaur period is simply not too simple, the fire breathing lizard in the West! Black scale dragon! All kinds of giant monsters are just green monsters in front of the boss level next, mankind will welcome the declaration of war by soldiers in the ancient times!

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