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This Ninja is too steady

This Ninja is too steady

This Ninja is too steady

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    This Ninja is too steady
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    Palace Style
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    Bestcar read
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2021-11-25 18:27:27
Reborn into Naruto's world and become a ninja in Muye ninja village, Junya Ishida however, in order to survive in this tolerance world where Ninja is not as good as dogs and GAODA walks all over the ground. He decided that he could not bear the leaves since then, there has been a very steady ninja in Muye village you never know how many cards he has. You think he is a lower forbearance and he is a middle forbearance, but in fact he may be an upper forbearance. It is even rumored that he has reached the strength of the six immortals killing people will frustrate the bones and raise ashes. Everything is planned and then moved. It is never easy to step into danger. hide your cards, practice ninja, refine poisons, and climb science and technology. you are as stable as an old dog. You move like a stone, and then slip away quietly according to Shida Junye's plan, he will practice ninja in Muye village until he reaches the shadow level until one day, a new member of his team came - whirlpool nine Sinai

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