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AI golden finger takes me through the heavens

AI golden finger takes me through the heavens

AI golden finger takes me through the heavens

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    AI golden finger takes me through the heavens
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    Yulong 2009
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    Apple novel
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2022-08-18 05:38:40
I wanted to be a salted fish in this life, but the universe can come to the door... the yard farmer's house man suddenly really got the golden finger. Is it a blessing or a curse "the AI program scribbled more than 20 years ago actually caught up with the super existence of the universe and turned into a super invincible universal golden finger. Now it's going to come back and take me across the world,... It's becoming a beauty who falls in love with me and wants to have children with me...?!" I, In the Yuan Dynasty, he wrote about the immortal carving heroes... going to the ancient tomb sect to practice martial arts... saving the little dragon's virginity... going to the future of the 22nd century to soak up beautiful women and fight zombies... from the domination of the earth to interstellar roaming... becoming king and hegemony, heroic dream, blood, prosperity and wealth. Everything... when it's refreshing, the end of earth civilization is quietly coming... let's see how a big husband can rise to power without licking a dog [the subject matter of this article is serious, the deduction is serious, and it is not mindless.]

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