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From ksuru to cyberpunk

From ksuru to cyberpunk

From ksuru to cyberpunk

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    From ksuru to cyberpunk
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    Princess ChuChu
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    Long Novel
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2022-01-21 22:07:32
The sacred tree of the world, incarnated in the cloud tower one floor, one world, one house, one universe on the top floor, there is a cyberpunk mechanical evolution fisherman who uses the world as bait at the top, there is an old God who failed to ascend and banned for thousands of years. He should kill everything in the middle, there is a giant beast sitting on the bottom of the sea devouring weapons, waiting for the people to wake up at the lower level, there is a great emperor who reinforces his horse to strike everything with a horizontal knife. He is invincible in the world a green and astringent boy at the bottom, when he saw the cloud tower open overhead one day, the giant tree was as bright as a miracle he wanted to see with his own eyes the mechanical body described in the game, the ancient demigod in the upper layer, the kesulu creature in the middle layer and the Lord of the world in the lower layer so, this day of the year "under the embers, he began to climb the stairs, cut off in case of injustice, and stop in case of heavy snow." the story of a teenager who killed all the world (Book Group: 137381273)

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