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Masked Knight of love and parting

Masked Knight of love and parting

Masked Knight of love and parting

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    Masked Knight of love and parting
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    God has no mercy
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    Wine Novel
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2021-12-19 07:40:07
This is a story about love and parting there is a legend everywhere in the city "in the shadow corner of the world, stupid evil organizations are trying to steal the hope of all life, and increasingly unable to hide their claws and teeth quietly extend to unwitting humans." "under the calm surface, countless lives are destroyed, and the fragile barrier between darkness and light is about to be broken." "It is the masked knight who fights against fate and is no longer a human being who stands quietly in the endless darkness and guards the unknowing people." Shazhi always sings the melody of parting. On this planet, countless lives shine brilliantly, but fleeting. in order to send off and mourn life, engrave their reflection in the bottom of my heart, [he] appeared. she inherited the name of the legendary hero, the masked knight, cherished love, stayed away from the world, but guarded important people. a hero who subverted common sense, trusted sustenance and preferred hope. She chased [him] in her rat gray dress. (this book will be composed of several middle length, independent, unrelated or related stories. Each part is a complete story with different themes and trends. Please choose your favorite stories or watch them in order.)

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