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The development of fiefdoms begins with swamps

The development of fiefdoms begins with swamps

The development of fiefdoms begins with swamps

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    The development of fiefdoms begins with swamps
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    I am the dragon
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    Weixin Book
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2023-05-07 16:37:00
He is the Queen's legitimate son, but the prince has been established. He is the eldest brother of his legitimate son. He is only the second heir to the throne it sounds noble, but it's actually a spare tire as soon as the queen died, the imperial concubine took over the power of the palace and mistakenly fell into the trap of the imperial concubine, allowing the two concubines to obtain a rich fief. However, he only obtained a barren fief with a large area, but half of it is swamp, and the annual taxes are the last in the country no wonder the unlucky child was so angry that he didn't even want his life "Ding, you just got the poorest fief, and the fief development system is bound... Please go to the fan as soon as possible to activate the system!" Chen Yuanying, who just came through, smiled immediately no matter how rich the fiefs of other concubines are, can they defeat the king? Is there a system the sky is high and the emperor is far away. My king is just developing freely!

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