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Double wall of Shrek in Douluo

Double wall of Shrek in Douluo

Double wall of Shrek in Douluo

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    Double wall of Shrek in Douluo
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    A leaf remembers autumn
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-02 01:14:36
(a peerless fellow of Tang clan will add a lot of original works.) ten thousand years later Douluo mainland, Tiandou split, Tangmen declined, the sun moon empire was ambitious, and the smoke of gunpowder rose again on the mainland one is a teenager selected by Douluo's fate one is a young man sent by God from a foreign land what changes will their appearance bring to the world... Chen Mo: ready to do it, ready to freeze your hands one shot is a clown of the sun moon empire. Is that it? 10% off! I want to laugh. The man named Xu natural is deaf, isn't he? And the clowns of the Holy Spirit? You run again? Another time? Sobbing, forget it, garlic is hot. Freund said Yuhao didn't want to go, but also to go, including going. Don't you want to win? You can do it, Freund can do it. Fight or not. A group of clown teammates also claim to be Shrek seven monsters. Indeed, I can fight Shrek seven monsters alone. Bird food is like this. It's pickled. I'm the strongest man in Quan Douluo, Chen Mo Huo Yuhao:

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