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Great warlords in the late Tang Dynasty

Great warlords in the late Tang Dynasty

Great warlords in the late Tang Dynasty

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    Great warlords in the late Tang Dynasty
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This is a bloody, chaotic and cruel era. What's more, in this chaotic era, the most important time and place to kill industry appeared. At the beginning, we had to live alone in this era of broken rites and music and broken mountains and rivers, if you want to struggle to survive and become a hero, you are destined to move forward in a sea of dead mountains and blood. However, after Huang Chao, a powerful general who would overthrow the country of the Tang Dynasty, Qin Zongquan, Zhu Wen, Li Keyong, Li Maozhen, sun Ru, Gao Pian, Yang xingmi, Zhuge Shuang, Li Kuangwei, Wang Jian, Qian Yu, Ma Yin, Liu Yin and other vassal separatists will eventually be faced. Among the numerous forces of large and small warlords, they should dominate and gradually grow to end this troubled era, Li Tianqu, who is familiar with this history, has a plan in his mind... but this road is doomed to be difficult to go.

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