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I m not a tech superstar

I m not a tech superstar

I m not a tech superstar

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    I m not a tech superstar
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    Happy popcorn
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2022-05-21 17:54:26
At the beginning, I went on a blind date with my friends, but the beauty took a fancy to me. What can I do Chen Yao crossed into another parallel world. Originally, he just wanted to make some money through low-key scientific research I accidentally fell into the entertainment circle a technology tycoon in the entertainment industry has a higher status than the king of heaven you really think he can only sing and film Chen Yao subverted the entertainment Internet industry with technology and changed the world many years later, the reporter: "many people say you are a technology superstar. What do you think?" Chen Yao: "at first, my idea was very simple. I just wanted to make money and improve my life. I really didn't want to become a technology superstar!" this book is also known as "I founded a technology company in 5g era" and "my wife is an international film queen"

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