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My hard core music career

My hard core music career

My hard core music career

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    My hard core music career
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    Wu Jianxian
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-03 14:52:02
When later generations summed up the career of a generation of music giant Li Wenyin, they found that the word "persecution" filled his whole life open the "super skill Etude", the beginning is "clock" and the end is "Spanish smuggler", and the piano student shed complex tears he is the God of piano open the collection of violin dazzle skills, the devil and the elf, and the Violin Students' scalp is numb he is the devil of violin his conductor is a nightmare for all orchestras in the world because... The planet suite warms up and then performs Nibelungen, the strongest opera in history even the music circle and entertainment circle can hardly escape his persecution his massive works, which make people feel numb, have attracted countless music critics, music connoisseurs and analysts "weren't you TM a draft star?" "happiness came too suddenly..." (the introduction is weak, read the text.) PS, song list sorting, Q sound, cool dog, search "superstar stews himself from an iron pot" (what? Are you reading novels?) (I don't care. I want to take a music appreciation class at the starting point!) (there are a little more classics, which is an entertainment article with strange angles!) (there will be some marginal disciplines related to music.) (the article is more professional, and the classical is more hard core.) (the rap in this article is positive and mainstream, not dirty and just a branch)

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