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Start with pets

Start with pets

Start with pets

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    Start with pets
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-04-13 03:11:44
Su Bai wakes up and finds that the world has changed greatly. He finds that he has actually come to a pet world. After accepting the setting, Su Bai is determined to become a powerful imperial pet teacher one day, Su Bai's pet released a spark of primary skill, the flame floated, and the sky turned into ashes... a primary skill of water system splashed, the endless sea fell from the sky and flooded thousands of miles of mountains and rivers... one blow tore the claw, the endless edge broke out, and one world after another was torn apart... passerby: ( Д ≡ д )!? this is a world of pets and monsters. Every boy over the age of 16 will give birth to an elf soul stone from Meixin mud pill palace you can get your own elf egg by integrating the soul stone into stones, branches, water flow and other things after incubating the elf eggs, you can obtain your own initial contract book, so as to embark on the road of contract and cultivating the Royal pet teachers of various elves and monsters Su Bai seems to be walking a little different on this road by accident... [label]: original elves, pet animals, elves, cultivation, cultivation, evolution, daily relaxation and adventure PS: he has completed an old book of millions of words "spoil the world", and those who are interested can go to Kangkang Secret Garden: 7456 2457 5

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