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Saints of spring and Autumn

Saints of spring and Autumn

Saints of spring and Autumn

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    Saints of spring and Autumn
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    Ji Shuren
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    The One Book
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2021-11-25 19:04:32
During the spring and Autumn period, the Zhou family declined, the world was in chaos, and the princes were powerful. The emperor of Zhou had a false name, so he could not control the princes, and the princes of other countries were often subject to the powerful nobles in their own countries. The countries competed with each other, and the nobles of various countries often made chaos. Although Duke Huan of Qi, Duke Xiang of song, Duke Wen of Jin, Duke mu of Qin and King Zhuang of Chu dominated the world for a time, they did not bring peace and stability to the world, but greatly stimulated all countries and began endless expedition Kong Qiu was in the spring and Autumn period. Seeing the chaos in the world, he was determined to change the current situation and restore peace in the world. The princes strictly abided by the Zhou rites. Kong Qiu was in power and destroyed the three huans. In the 12th year of Duke Ding of Lu, Kong Qiu was the leader of the state of Lu. In order to strengthen the monarchy, he began his political reform, but he did not want to find three families to besiege the capital. The monarch of the state of Lu was weak, coupled with the chaos in the state of Lu, and the people were unable to make a living. Kong Qiu's first administration was defeated. The three families could not accommodate Kong Qiu. Kong Qiu had no choice but to leave the state of Lu, Began to travel around the world I never thought that Kong Qiu met a strange man when he besieged Chen CAI. He had extraordinary knowledge, had a strategic mind and was born to know it. Kong Qiu once praised the sons: "I am not as far away as the spirit of the son. Only when I see the spirit of the son can I know that the sages and sages exist in this world" Ji Ling, with the word Ziling, came from Southwest China in 2021!

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