tuesday things

1. Last week the hair straightener that I’ve been using since high school (!!!!) finally broke. High school!

2. This pistachio sour cream cheesecake is stunning. Look at hat!

3. The spotted lantern flies are invading our HOUSE. This is seriously my worst nightmare. I don’t do bugs. See also: why I can never go camping.

4. Spotify picked a workout playlist for me apparently based on music I listen to… and it’s the best playlist ever.

5. You only need these 5 techniques to become a better cook. YES YES YES to the salt.

6. Run don’t walk because the bonne maman advent calendar for 2023 is out! This is my favorite thing in December and we all enjoy it so much. Plus, the little jams are incredible for cheese boards.

7. TV things!! I can’t believe it but I started watching RHONY because I love Jenna Lyons. I have never watched any of the real housewives before!

8. I really want to try this boston cooler! I love Vernor’s – my dad introduced us to it as kids and while I can’t get it here, we always get some in Michigan every summer!

9. Really loving the chomps turkey sticks for snacks, but then part of me feels like I’m eating a slim jim in 1994.

10. And speaking of, I love reading about the best groceries of 2023.