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27 Recipes To Make In October!

The best halloween recipes are here! These are the most delicious recipes to make for the rest of October – cozy pastas, delicious cocktails, the richest desserts and bowls of soup to enjoy.

I’ve got the perfect list for you to cook from for the rest of the month!

So many delicious dishes – savory and sweet – to enjoy this October!

Whether you’re into creating spooky dishes for the season or just want to enjoy the crisp fall weather, there is something here for everyone to love.

Throw on your favorite Halloween movie and make a treat or cozy up with a bowl of soup. These October recipes are seriously dreamy.

27 Best Halloween Recipes To Make In October

This pumpkin bisque with grilled cheese croutons is so seasonally amazing, I can’t handle it.

Maple chipotle pumpkin hummus! It’s spicy, sweet, savory, everything.

This butternut white chicken chili is seriously a hug in a bowl.

Pumpkin beer brisket melts are always a hit.

Cannot get enough of pumpkin cacio e pepe. YUM.

Sweater weather = chickpeas and dumplings.

And could pumpkin sangria be any more festive?!

Make a chili bar! I do this every Halloween and people love it.

This hocus pocus punch is kid-friendly, so no booze. But you could totally add a bottle of prosecco.

Caramel cider crush is the perfect way to celebrate.

Making this homemade drunken apple cider is always fun.

Make this pumpkin pie oatmeal brûlée for sure.

Or my new pumpkin cheesecake baked oatmeal!

And pumpkin baked oatmeal cups.

No better cozy dish than pumpkin vodka pasta.

Can’t get enough of these butternut squash couscous bowls.

Asiago beer bread is idea with soup.

Everyone needs pumpkin beer cheese with soft pretzels!

Savory pumpkin pizza with bacon and crispy sage for the win.

This no bake pumpkin icebox cake is a huge win.

Snickers almond butter tart for the best treat!

I adore this dark chocolate fudge pomegranate tart.

Pumpkin cream cake FOREVER.

Or this dark chocolate stout cake is also pretty outrageous.

I dream of my pumpkin coffee cake with chai ice cream all the time.

And my pumpkin dream cupcakes with espresso frosting! There are no words.

Use some Halloween candy for this peanut butter nutella brownie tart!

Or go crazy and make some devil’s food cupcakes with pomegranate sugar shards!

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