1. I love October so much that I want to savor every.single.day. It’s already going too fast!

2. This caramel apple cake is incredible.

3. There is a cricket in the garage taunting me. This happened last year at this time. Combined with the lantern flies, I’m just going to lock myself in a room and never come out.

4. Hello, this is my new favorite sweatshirt. It is PERFECT! Sweater weather time! It lays so nicely, isn’t long but isn’t cropped. So many colors!

5. TV things!! Ummm all I watched this week was the Taylor Swift football game. Kidding! Kind of…

6. My kids are obsessed with watching The Muppets right now. It’s so cute!

7. Everyday Dinners is on major sale right now with an additional amazon coupon. Go grab some holiday gifts!

8. I need a good fall music playlist. Suggestions please!

9. How to manage catastrophic thinking. Need this.