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November & December Favorites.

winter favorites

A peek at everything I loved in November & December 2023!


American Spoon hot cocoa mix. I bought this for the first time this year and am LOVING it. I save it for special occasions because it is that good.

Trader Joe’s Butter Waffle Cookies. These cookies are incredible. So buttery, with a great crispy crunch. Tastes like a waffle cone, but better. And more vanilla-y.

Trader Joe’s Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese. I hate that this is limited edition because it’s incredible. I love adding it to a cheeseboard. It tastes like lemon cheesecake in the best way possible!

Sweetapolita sprinkles. They will always be the best for pretty and fun sprinkles. No others can compare!


Dash Popcorn Maker. We have used this every week for two months now. It’s perfect for our weekly movie night! And easy to use. The kids love it.

Candle Warmer Lamp. Finally broke down and got one of these and I LOVE it. It is perfect for smaller candles. And it really does allow the scent to travel through the whole house!

Thymes All Purpose Cleaner. This is my favorite candle scent during the holidays and I love using this cleaner in my kitchen too. It makes everything smell like a christmas tree.

TUL Retractable Pens. New pens for the new year. These ones are so good!


MAC Relentlessly Red + Natasha Denona Emilia Lip Pencil. This combo has been my go-to red lip all season. I LOVE IT. I’ve worn the MAC shade for well over a decade (it’s my book tour lipstick!) and matched with this pencil, it gives the most effortlessly ombre color. Perfect.

Chanel Amarena Gloss. And this gloss! I love it over the red lip or alone. Chanel gloss is utter perfection. This is red with sparkles, but still sheer enough to pull off.

Fenty Skin Butta Drop Cinnamon Body Butter. I got on the bandwagon for this body cream and adore it. It’s super thick and luxurious. It also smells incredible!

I Need a Nude Eye Palette. Since I’ve been doing a red lip most days, I use this for neutrals and love how it has matte shades but also some sparkle. So super flattering!


Wondershop Puffer Vest. This was my best Target find all season. It’s the perfect weighted vest and the neon pink is incredible. It’s not TOO puffy – and it’s so pretty!

Hillhouse Lafayette Sandal. Best go-to shoes this season too!! I love everything Hill House and this heel is so low that these are super comfortable. They are gorgeous. I’ve also had the higher platforms for a year and love them!

Hobo Fern Sling Bag. My current favorite bag is this mini backpack, but used as a sling. It’s so classic and the leather is super soft. It also fits a ton! I can fit a big pack of wipes and a water bottle in here, which are necessary.


Snowed In. My favorite book of the past two months! I’ve been reading so many great holiday reads.

Dolly Parton’s Rockstar album. It’s so good! I just love it. It was the only break I took from Christmas music this month.


Little Sleepies Joggers. I can’t rave about these enough for the kids, especially Jordan (2) and Emilia (6). They both love how comfortable these are. They are so soft and wash great too.

Mix & Match magnetic vehicles. Jordan got a few of these for Christmas and I also got them for my godson Cooper. They are so fun! The vehicles pull apart and you can mix and match them. They are lightweight and easy to pack in a purse for on-the-go play too .

Palm Pals. It’s no secret how much Emilia loves stuffed dogs and stuffed animals in general. But I discovered these palm pals which are tiny enough to fit in your palm – like a little beanbag. Max loves little stuffed animals like that. So they each got a few for Christmas, and they are such a hit! So cute and sweet.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]

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    2 Comments on “November & December Favorites.”

  1. Trader Joe’s Butter Cookies for Smores. The BEST. 

  2. So excited about that eye case! All of the ND “My dream…” collection is so pretty, too. I loved the lipstick and big eye palette specifically. I was surprised that no one in my family tried to get me anything Urban Decay for holiday but apparently everyone assumed I “grew out of that stuff.” Ouch, but turns out I might’ve lol(I’m 35 btw, not like 14)