It’s been a snowy week over here!

And I’m in full Valentine’s mode, which is something I didn’t even care about until I had kids. Ha!

Had a snow day to start out the week!

These two are serious BFFs. Emilia takes such great care of him.

Really working on my sourdough game!!

I also made potato soup because it sounded so good on a snow day.

Sparkle snow.

This girl’s style. I live for her.

It’s also been almost one year since we got her ears pierced! She is still loving them.

Max had a basketball game.

The third child is different. I would never have let the first lay on this dirty gym floor. But he played so nicely the whole time!!

Hair also out of control.

Getting her ready for bed is super fun.

And we ended the week with another snow day!!

Had to make them cinnamon rolls to celebrate.

And we went sled riding with friends.

So fun.

It snowed nonstop.

Tiny BFFs.

Here’s Jordy dressed like a dad.

Waiting for Max’s hockey game to start!

Had great games all weekend!

And the cutest cousins came to cheer him on!

And now onto a new week…