tuesday things

1. The fact that a whole new YEAR started on a Monday! The perfection. I can’t handle it.

2. Apparently it’s bad luck to clean on the first day of the new year? That’s all I did yesterday. Now I am scared.

3. Craving this mojita cake! It’s gorgeous.

4. Pantone color of the year is peach fuzz. I like it.

5. I love the start of a new year but it makes me so sad to take Christmas down. I wish I could find a way to decorate and keep it cozy and sparkly!

6. TV things!! I am missing so many shows! This time of year is when Emily in Paris and Ginny & Georgia would come out – ugh! The strike just killed the timing my favorite shows, haha.

7. Some foods that defined 2023. Definitely not on my list.

8. Winter reading list is coming!! Sorry I failed at the fall one!

9. I can’t sing the praises of this candle warmer enough. I love the ambiance it gives. I love that there is no flame! And the scent throw – you can smell a candle throughout the house. It’s my favorite thing ever.

10. As much as I love the new year, I am so over everyone’s ins and outs on instagram. There I said it.