1. Things I did not expect to google at this age: how do you feed a tamagotchi?

2. This cajun chicken caesar is exactly what I want to eat.

3. I always take the first week or two to ease into the new year (I’m talking mindset/goals, not work!), mostly because I’m so tired after the holiday magic + fun with the kids! I highly recommend this and think it’s wonderful.

4. TV things!! I watched Saltburn. I don’t know what I think.

5. I could not get over Oprah’s stunning purple dress at the golden globes!! And Margot Robbie’s hot pink one! And J Lo!

6. Decluttering myths debunked! Makes it’s easier.

7. I am a marketer’s dream so I love everything for valentine’s day. Like, everything. Double walled heart mugs!

8. See the above. Will I ever grow out of this? Probably not.