tuesday things

1. Rainbow gypsophila from trader joe’s is one of my favorite things. Screams spring!

2. The cutest hot pink heart pancakes. I love these!

3. We’ve discovered all sorts of wacky things we packed since moving. But this weekend took the cake. Eddie found one of the kids water bottles that was somehow stuck in the garage. Went to dump it out… and it was MILK. Oh my gosh. We both died.

4. The good news is that after 3.5 months I finally found my new dishes that I had ordered before we moved! The story is embarrassing, but I found them.

5. So obsessed with valentine’s day that I had to share all my favorite things.

6. TV Things!! I started watching Starstruck on the recommendation of a few of you. It’s so good!!

7. All the thoughts on bookshelf wealth.

8. The Grammy’s was so incredibly good. I rarely fully watch award shows anymore but I was so hooked – Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman! I’ve been singing Both Sides Now and Fast Car for 36 hours straight.

9. Oh but I definitely heard someone say on the red carpet that Olivia Rodrigo was wearing “vintage Versace from 1995.” 1995? Vintage? HELP.

10. Best news ever: Ina’s memoir. Cannot even wait.