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25 Recipes for Valentine’s Day.

These are my favorite valentines recipes! Tons of recipes for valentine’s day, from red wine lattes to champagne risotto and chocolate cream pie. You can find apps, cocktails, dinner and dessert!

Time to make the most delicious meals for the next two weeks!

Whether you’re celebrating valentine’s day or maybe galentine’s day or just want to make a delicious meal for yourself (do it!), there are so many delicious options here.

I mean, anything tastes better when it’s in the shape of a heart!

So, I talk about this all the time on my crumbs page, but ever since I had kids, celebrating these fun little holidays has been a blast. These micro holidays give us something to look forward to and enjoy together. You know? Even if it’s just making heart cut out cookies or a fun breakfast. We will make something delicious that day and enjoy it!

25 Valentine’s Recipes

Heart shaped pepperoni pizza, of course!

Vodka sauce baked gnocchi is dreamy.

French onion chicken lasagna roll ups are truly a labor of love for your love.

This cacio e pepe pie is always a HUGE hit.

Filet mignon with blue cheese butter (!!!) can’t be beat.

Dijon crusted filet mignon is fab.

This steak frites with honey dijon aioli is incredible.

Adore this champagne risotto with brown butter scallops. Mouth watering.

My caesar slaw with crispy chicken is incredible.

So is this blood orange brussels sprouts salad!

Lover’s french onion soup for the win!

Roasted vegetable ragu is super flavorful.

Or red wine bucatini! Yes, this is red wine cooked pasta with pancetta and parm. Delish.

Creamy pancetta gnocchi forever.

My mom’s chicken marsala with almond green beans. We grew up eating this almost weekly and now it just feels like such a treat!

And a good zucchini lasagna bolognese is perfection.

Make a red wine latte! It’s super delicious.

This blood orange coffee cake is the best for breakfast. Or dessert.

Salted brown butter chocolate chip cookie bars. Obviously!

Little raspberry nutella heart pies are the cutest.

So are chocolate raspberry cheesecake turnovers!

My chewy gooey chocolate chip skillet cookie is a dream.

And strawberry swirl marshmallows? HELLO!

And this vanilla bean chocolate cake is the prettiest! Tastes like heaven too.

Finish the night off with chocolate cream pie with vanilla whipped cream. I mean…

This rosé aperol spritz is my fave.

So is a blood orange aperol spritz!

And a blood orange bourbon smash! Best for the season.

Rosé champagne mojitos are super refreshing. Happy heart day!!

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    2 Comments on “25 Recipes for Valentine’s Day.”

  1. I love those “little” holidays too and always (or when life didn’t take over) celebrated with my kids (who are now grown up), but we still celebrate them. I try to include the ones from cultures different from our own as well. We just celebrated Lunar New Year!

  2. I too love celebrating these little holidays with my loves. You gave so many good options here. Thank you.