Another week!!

With my little leprechauns.

Emilia put this outfit on for theater class and I just had to document it!

The millennial dream… our nugget ice maker finally came in. I put one in our wet bar! We all love it.

Spring picture day for these two!

How is he so old?!

Jordy also started a little toddler 2s class.

Can you even believe he will go to preschool in the fall?!? HOW?!

Wiped out after with snuggles.

Emilia and I made two batches of joy’s dad’s cookies this week!

Baby friend date!

Coffee too.

Marshmallow latte. It was so good.

The kids LOVE to bring all the pillows and blankets into our room on the floor and watch a movie. This is what Jordan did when I was getting ready and the kids were at school! So precious.

Little spa day date while Max was at hockey practice and Jordan napped.

She excels at making cookies now!

Guys! He is getting a REAL HAIR CUT this week.

Last night I saw Grease downtown.

Today we were all SO TIRED from losing an hour of sleep.

The original BFFs.

Jordan’s fave: make a funny face.

Onto a new week!