These are five of my favorite hard boiled egg recipes, perfect to make when you have leftover boiled eggs from Easter! Egg salad, potato salad, egg vinaigrette and more. The options are endless. And delicious.

hard boiled egg recipes

If you find yourself with an abundance of hard boiled (or soft boiled, or any boiled!) eggs this Easter Monday, I’ve got you.

In case you didn’t know, eggs are one of my favorite foods. I love eggs in all forms.

So today, I have five recipes where you can put those boiled eggs to use. And they are all delicious!

They are easy too. Wins all around.

5 Hard Boiled Egg Recipes

First up…

My absolute favorite egg salad.

I make this nearly once a week. We love it so much. It’s great for make-ahead lunches and lasts for a few days. Excellent on crackers, sandwiches or salad.

This pickle lovers egg salad comes next!

I make this one often too, it’s just that not everyone in my family lovers pickles. If you’re a pickle freak like me, you.will.flip.

Make a hard boiled egg viniagrette!

This is fabulous. Chopped boiled eggs in a tangy, briney dressing. It’s wonderful on so many things.

The egg vinaigrette is amazing on these goat cheese tartines.

Shaved egg avocado toast!

This may have went viral last year, but my recipe is from 2017 when I had it on our babymoon in Maine. I was pregnant with Emilia and had shaved egg avocado toast for breakfast every morning. Super delish!

Finally, make a potato salad.

My bacon blue potato salad calls for soft boiled eggs, but I am here to tell you that firmer boiled eggs work just as well.

What a delicious Monday!! What are you making?