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2075 rich and powerful young masters return to 80

2075 rich and powerful young masters return to 80

Mingxin 365 In 2075, Qian Yixun, the only son of the leader of Qian's consortium, was 19 years old. He was rebellious, rebellious, broke his family's business, rotten in his studies, accomplished nothing and farted. The only advantage is to inherit the justice and integrity in the mother's character, but in fact, it is full of love. But these are seen as indecisive and incompetent in the cold, fierce competition and excessive pressure of the consortium family. Le...
Holding the crown

Holding the crown

Du Qianyu When everyone is born, God will give a crown, but few people can find the crown, and even fewer can wear it on their heads. Ye Xuan was excited and confused with the crown in her hand.

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