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Fairy, I really only sell fairy products here

Fairy, I really only sell fairy products here

Fairy, I really only sell fairy products here

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    Fairy, I really only sell fairy products here
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    Last autumn 19th
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2023-03-13 13:19:02
Through, but not completely through occasionally I can return to my home in the original world and bring back one or two small items to support my family but I didn't expect that Xiuxian world was so dangerous that all leaders coveted my only family I'm poor, how can I be taken away by others what? If you don't sell it, you'll explode and die that's all right "it's xuanjinlonghu's judgment. Let Mr. ask for the price, and I xuanyuanzong will take it." & quote Do you mean this bookmark? "" what? It's actually a Buddha's bone relic. I would appreciate it if you would spare me. ""... How do you regard the stationery walnut as a relic. "" Mr. ancient sword manual is willing to change hands. Although I have no school, I'm sure the reward will satisfy Mr. ""... But this is my comic book to relieve boredom! " "Shifu, Shifu, I used the little brush you gave me to beat away a state of refining God!" "... Isn't that used to take a bath?" although I don't know why, my family seems to have become immortal products and have been regarded as a big man? forget it, after all, it's impossible to work, so I can barely make a living by selling immortal products. ... "Wait, that fairy, what are you doing so close? I really only sell fairy products here!" "be accommodating, sir, I can afford people."

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