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I don t want to be a movie king

I don t want to be a movie king

I don t want to be a movie king

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    I don t want to be a movie king
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    Tao Anyi
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    18ws Read
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2022-05-16 22:14:04
[one sentence introduction] this is the story of a young martial monk who was trapped into the performing arts circle by his twin brother and accidentally became the film emperor [serious introduction] Xu Zhen is an orphan who grew up in a temple the old host brought him up. They are not father and son, but they are better than father and son Xu Zhen wanted to officially enter the precepts after she was 20 years old to support her master as a result, at the age of 18, a man who claimed to be his brother contacted him said his mother died and asked him if he wanted to come to worship after thinking for a long time, Xu Zhen finally followed master's advice whether it's a Green Lantern Buddha or a mortal world, go down the mountain and make a decision however waiting for him at the foot of the mountain is... as an 18th tier artist, his twin brother left him at home as a substitute and ran by himself! Way! It's over "little master, please help me this time." my brother's agent looked at Xu Zhen with a confused face and wanted to cry without tears: "I asked for this play with human affection and face." "now I'm opening the skylight, how can I be a person in the future?" "please help me, it doesn't matter whether it's good or bad!" Xu Zhen looked at the red 50000 yuan in front of her and hesitated he thought of the leaky vegetarian hall in the southwest corner and the trembling Sutra Pavilion, and settled his account silently "the little monk is dedicated to the Buddha. How can he easily get involved in the world of mortals without Zen..." Xu Zhen said solemnly, "you have to add money."

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