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Sky epilepsy

Sky epilepsy

Sky epilepsy

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    Sky epilepsy
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    Nanyi prefect
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    Long Novel
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2022-05-27 14:04:47
Luan Tian is a man with strange behavior: in the eyes of kind people, he is sometimes a dark angel in the eyes of evil people, he is sometimes a warm-hearted devil the world laughs that I am too crazy. I laugh that the world can't see through only Luan Tianyi knows that his performance is so unpredictable, just to upgrade the zodiac spectrum in his body, can he continuously enhance his strength in the eyes of acquaintances, Luan Tianyi is just a person struggling to survive. Let him live and let the people around him live better in the end of the world, the Datong alliance, unionism, Honghu party and other forces had disputes, and their lives were ruined. The black hands behind them gradually surfaced, but they were a strong enemy that was almost invincible... Luan Tianyi, with the zodiac spectrum, raised the Yin and Yang wings behind him. What variables can it bring?

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