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My five encounters with the little white cat

My five encounters with the little white cat

My five encounters with the little white cat

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    My five encounters with the little white cat
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    Feng feifeng
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    Happy Novel
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2023-01-25 13:31:34
I am a graduate of a third rate University. I have no background, educational background and skills. After graduation, I can only become one of tens of thousands of ordinary workers. I originally thought of this fate all my life. I didn't expect to treat an injured little white cat after working overtime, so I entered the cultivation world of light, monster and land little white cat, why is it your misfortune and our luck every time I meet you ouch, don't bite your ears is the cultivation world fertile land? Xiuzhen world is a more cruel wilderness jungle class, backers and oppression are everywhere. Without background, I can only fight for survival in the cracks and become cannon fodder without even a name, so I vowed to control my own destiny however, when I thought I could control my destiny, I found that everything was a black hand behind the scenes controlling my destiny let's see how I break through the blockade and enjoy myself between heaven and earth PS: please be kind to small animals. Maybe it is the ladder of your future success.

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