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History of dimensional collapse

History of dimensional collapse

History of dimensional collapse

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    History of dimensional collapse
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    A waste orange
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    Wine Novel
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2023-05-26 16:45:29
Lin ran, a young man who was squeezed by unscrupulous bosses in the agent training studio, suddenly one day entered a real-life game called [Lord God space] in the hunter world, I met a brigade for the first time, between life and death ghosts destroy the world, burn in the burning sun, and the ghosts disappear in the early Southern Song Dynasty, demons emerged, Emperor Huiqin was captured, and Emperor Gaozong Zhao Gou was bewitched by demons. He sent twelve gold medals in a row, and the storm Pavilion wrongly killed Yue Fei the most important luck of the great song dynasty was erased by Emperor Gaozong himself, so that the heavenly demons appeared. Li people wept blood and the demons stained the sky. The reincarnation party was also seriously injured. Just when the heavenly demons were about to preach, Lin ran ascended Longhu Mountain and pasted a spell on the Sanqing statue of Longhu Mountain [twelve spells ยท mouse] - from the adventures of Jackie Chan, which can give static dynamic power "please, master Sanqing!" with Lin Ran's cry, the desperate situation was reversed in an instant... this is the story of a teenager who came from game practice and showed his operation in the reincarnation world.

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