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The wizard loaded the thriller game

The wizard loaded the thriller game

The wizard loaded the thriller game

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    The wizard loaded the thriller game
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    What a big official
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    Hot Read
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2022-01-16 07:47:15
Through the wizard world, Wang Ya spent a hundred years becoming an official wizard when he was dissecting the first-class extraordinary creature cave dragon in the laboratory, he was suddenly pulled into a space called thriller game by an inexplicable force "people from all over the world were randomly selected to experience one world of horror and terror!" Wang Ya looked strange: "I have crossed from this world to the wizard world, how can I find me" in the first world, in the face of three meter monsters made up of various human limbs, players fled in despair, and Wang Ya raised a smile at the corners of his mouth "it seems very interesting. This little cute can be used as a specimen in my laboratory." player a: "why can he face the monster without changing his face!" player B: "he is the real monster. He has dissected the monster!" player C: "what kind of pervert? The monster's limbs are sewn on the human body!" Wang Ya: "Do you want to become stronger, mechanical transformation, body suture and soul embedding, all three ways are OK... As long as 998... No discount!"

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