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Governor, please stay

Governor, please stay

Governor, please stay

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    Governor, please stay
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    Travel with a sword
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    Daily Novel
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2022-01-22 03:33:58
The governor is the head of the army. High position, powerful, powerful. Non strong people cannot be at the end of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the imperial court was corrupt and the uprising in the six towns was in full swing, resulting in the emergence of countless well-known metropolitan governors among them, governor Er Zhu Rong Er Zhu, who has more merit than Cao Cao and more disaster than Dong Zhuo, Governor Chen Qingzhi, who swept the Northern Wei Dynasty in 8000 white robes, governor Gao Huan, who started with a face and a mouth and ate soft food, governor he Ba Yue, who has both literature, martial arts and strategy, and Governor Yu Wen Taiyu, who is low-key and honest everyone is a hero but there is also a very different kind of mixture among these powerful governors there is an unknown Governor Liu. Although he is more handsome than Gao Huan, more powerful than Chen Qingzhi, Bill Zhu Rong has a better temper, more cautious than he Bayue, and more low-key and generous than Yu Wentai however, it was reputed as "crow governor" and despised by all forces because the milk died, fell with and praised... "have you heard that ER zhurong is a great talent, Cao Cao is reborn, and he will soon ascend the throne and become emperor. How about you and I follow Er zhurong and do some dragon work." on the street of Luoyang, Liu Yi kept his word and vowed to bewitch Linqing County Baron Chen Yuankang.

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