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Ancestral Empress

Ancestral Empress

Ancestral Empress

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    Ancestral Empress
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2023-01-25 07:21:43
In ancient times, there was a Tai Hao family who governed the five Qi, lived in all directions, comforted all the people, opened a prosperous era, and God felt heaven and earth, solved the hanging upside down, lowered auspicious omens, and pardoned immortal records. In accordance with the will of heaven, Taihao family went to guatai mountain in the East and learned about the water, fire, wind, thunder and mountain Ze of heaven and earth. They started Bagua, controlled the growth and decline of yin and Yang, supplemented by all things, and established the supreme Taoist tradition in the first year of garrison and worship, there was the kingdom of Shu in the West. For thousands of years, the White Snake established a religion, destroyed the mountains and turned them into five peaks. The mountains were like swords inserted into the Tianmen gate, entered the clouds, and passed through ancient and modern times. It was the ancestral mountain of the sword Pavilion in the year of Taiyi, there were signs of chaos, the virtual world needed to be bridged, the way of heaven collapsed, heaven and earth reversed, and the sun and moon were rebuilt. Between chaos, rites fall and music go bad, and Demons mess. There is the dizu of Nanhua, who seizes the creation of heaven and earth, practices the nine heaven xuanshu, builds nine volumes of buildings all over Shenzhou, forgives the four sides of the town and looks high at the world during the 8000 years, there was an inverted inscription printed by the ancestor of the earth, accumulating ten square meters of water and soil and building a ten thousand foot high platform. Li Daozi, the emperor's ancestor, nurtured the dragon spirit of Tianyun. The four fields came to court and the king dominated the world... in the year of Nangeng, he was in Jiazi. Tongyun was miserable and the sky would fall. At the foot of the brocade official city, a Mohist "thirteen" with a broken soul and a plain face stood on the plume and vowed to use this seven foot sword to calculate the fate of the world and seize the opportunity of Kyushu.

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