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Practice star sucking in the shadow of fire

Practice star sucking in the shadow of fire

Practice star sucking in the shadow of fire

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    Practice star sucking in the shadow of fire
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    Three clothes
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    Light Novel
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2022-01-15 10:43:50
Baishiyi City, which was reincarnated to Muye, was very ignorant he was born in the Shi die family that he had never seen before. After accepting the inheritance of secret arts, he found that Muye was really unfriendly to him there is no way if you can't destroy yourself, destroy the leaves challenge the order of tolerance and undermine the peace agreement collect all kinds of blood and set up an evil heaven group that makes all tolerant villages gnash their teeth Tuan Zang: "I call you the strongest in terms of intrigues." after the will of fire became a joke, three generations roared with despair in the face of the fragmented leaves when the ape flies and becomes a member of the dawn organization, Naruto's ideal changes from the shadow of fire to the emperor. The wings of the butterfly wave gently, and everything is silent... The Legend of the immortal butterfly is about to begin the group number is 638476482. Welcome to join the group.

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