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My name is night star

My name is night star

My name is night star

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    My name is night star
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    A book written only for yourself
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    People Books
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2023-01-27 18:30:36
The vast starry sky doesn't know how many mysterious spaces there are. Our story starts from a place called tiancang continent tiancang continent is a world of martial arts. Everyone worships martial arts, but not everyone can become a strong martial artist. Talent, understanding, will and heart are indispensable. Standing at the top of the world, there are people who are respected as Emperor Wu. Emperor Wu is the emperor of martial arts. Every Emperor Wu has his title. Every Emperor Wu can destroy the sky and the earth. Of course, people are not born or Emperor Wu. However, I don't know why they all break through to Emperor Wu and only live in a place called Shifeng mountain in tiancang mainland, while there is only a place called Emperor Wu palace in the outside world to retain their statues, Record their deeds for everyone's admiration

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