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Seizing prosperity

Seizing prosperity

Seizing prosperity

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    Seizing prosperity
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    Too carefree
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    Pc Books
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2022-01-16 02:32:40
Emperor Zhao's holy Edict and alchemists gathered in Kyoto to seek longevity medicine the Yinghai invaders and thousands of sails across the sea are the leaders of such a great dynasty disasters occur frequently in Kyushu and CHIDI. Hundreds of millions of people are terrified, gnawing the earth and killing swaddling clothes the Japanese invaders shelled Jiancheng, barbarian horses stepped on the Great Wall, whips at Kyoto, the country collapsed, and all the people mourned JIANG Geng had no wild hope, but his own safety could not be guaranteed. He could only seek survival in the killing he started from the very beginning, holding sharp soldiers, wearing war armor, crushing hundreds of thousands of iron ships, and denouncing the world's civil and military!

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