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National sand table game

National sand table game

National sand table game

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    National sand table game
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    Small bowl of instant noodles
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    Lava Novel
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2022-01-15 06:20:31
Global human survival in the desert each person has a survival sand table, give full play to their imagination and use the sand table to create their own shelter world demon experiment, curse robot, mutant creature, skeleton army, heat wave, freezing, vortex... All kinds of disasters come to the desert mechanical arms, five element magic, immortality cultivation, martial arts, powers, ninja village, and even Nordic mythology... All kinds of sand table worlds collide with each other to survive, you have to be strong when everyone is busy creating the protection center in their heart, the river flow says, "small, small pattern!" "lying trough! Who created Kunpeng?" "someone created the boundless world?" "have you heard of the river flow? It is said that he is drying food and wine again!" while many people are still dying, The river has ruled 3000 prefectures and looked down upon the world!

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