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I m really low-key

I m really low-key

I m really low-key

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    I m really low-key
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    Sky Book
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2023-03-30 13:22:02
Since Chu Zheng, the world's most famous super master and encyclopedic young master of hidden martial arts, unexpectedly came to this modern society with prosperous science and technology, he resolutely abides by the principle of low-key life, low-key behavior and low-key wealth, and plans to never blind BB even if he practices to carry missiles on his body unexpectedly, since playing a virtual martial arts online game called "the age of the Jianghu", he has been pushed to the forefront of the storm again and again... "great Xia Chu, I heard that you once caught Li xunhuan's throwing knife, defeated the divine carving great Xia Yang Guo, and walked away unharmed with the joint clip of Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling?" "nothing, it's all false rumors." "What about the rumor that Miss Guo Xiang and Miss Guo have traveled all over China alone to find you?" "why do you pollute people's innocence out of thin air? The innocence between me and my senior sister can be learned from the sun and the moon... Ouch, who pinched me?" it's easy and funny. Welcome to the pit this book is also known as "what to do if you are too popular in Martial Arts Games", "don't make trouble, elder martial sister" PS: comprehensive martial arts + dog food in the skin of online games. In the early stage, it is mainly low martial arts in gold, ancient and yellow, and in the later stage, it is immortal martial arts such as Xiake, wind and cloud, divine soldiers, Xuanqi, clouds and rain.

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