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The intervener of the broken world

The intervener of the broken world

The intervener of the broken world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1818 ratings
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    The intervener of the broken world
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    Pray for Sakura to turn into a butterfly
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    Wind Book
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2022-04-24 02:00:09
After 50000 years, from the end of the first era to the second era of the fire chasing moth, yundonghua woke up from the seal of the law maker. After more than 50000 years of vicissitudes, everything in the past is gone. I can't go back to the world I belong to, and my destiny is closely connected with the world. Yun Donghua didn't choose to hesitate. If this is fate, he doesn't think it can't be rejected. Incomplete information in the memory, scattered details, combined with the known plots before leaving, in this world of people and collapse, Yun Donghua first decided to hibernate before the third collapse in 2014 in the third era. But what he didn't know was that, as one of the few exceptions in the world, since he came to the world, he was forced to become one of the choices to expel the collapse, and was destined to be unable to avoid this unchangeable fate

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