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Hundred title deed spirit Master

Hundred title deed spirit Master

Hundred title deed spirit Master

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    Hundred title deed spirit Master
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    Illusory Taoist
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    Cook Books
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2023-01-27 20:13:37
Heaven and earth do not remember years, mountains and seas turn upside down, Kun and Qian turn upside down. In order to seek the vitality of the front line, the ancients sought the Tao in the six immortals, and then there was the reincarnation and education of the creatures of the innate Avenue, which was given a treasure after 100 million years, the six saints became holy, the creatures of the innate Avenue were reincarnated, and the heaven, earth, mountains and seas ushered in unprecedented changes again one of the six immortals was reincarnated to establish the celestial God Dynasty, and to find all kinds of capable people and different scholars as hundred officials later, there were thieves who destroyed the founding of the Chinese dynasty and went to heaven to enjoy the glory of the world.

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